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The Dinosaur Project Film - case cover

The Dinosaur Project 

An Inconvenient Discovery


We are told by those who claim to know these things, that long, long ago in a land that time forgot, it was a time where monsters roamed the planet, where great creatures ruled the world.


No one knows what actually happened in this distant past even though the prevailing claim is that, 65 million years ago, a great catastrophe befell the planet and these great creatures were wiped out, buried in mud and ice, immortalised in time and brought into the public eye in the early 1800s by a young woman, named Mary Anning, who would go onto discover the world’s first ichthyosaur in 1821.


When the first of these creatures’ remains were discovered in 1841, Sir Richard Owen gave these ancient creatures their name: Dinosaur – meaning ‘terrible lizard’.


More of these creatures were unearthed and so the public became mesmerised by them while filmmakers wove fantastic scripts, bringing these terrible beasts back to life with stories such as Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park suggesting these prehistoric creatures could be grown from ‘dino DNA’ extracted from thirsty mosquitos subsequently trapped in amber.


But now... we are told of recent discoveries regarding dinosaur remains which are causing quite a stir in the dinosaur collecting community which are being kept very quiet... until now!


In fact, the discovery is so unsettling that it was hidden away because it was considered a mistake and impossible. But, of greater interest and, if found to be true, this new discovery will have a significant bearing on the beliefs we have about the distant past and who we are as the human race.

Produced by Studio Scotland, this documentary is now available for streaming and download on Vimeo. See below for details.

The Dinosaur Project - Trailer

The Dinosaur Project - Trailer

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Genres: Documentary

Duration: 58 minutes

Subtitles: English

Availability: Worldwide

Price: £9.99 (Stream + download anytime)

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